Brid Kealey

Chief Human Resources Officer

Brid Kealey is the Chief Human Resources Officer at BKV Corporation. With over 20 years of human resources experience, Brid is responsible for attracting and retaining top talent, developing high-performing teams, and delivering proven experiences and results that matter to employees and businesses.

Prior to BKV, Brid served as Senior Partner and Co-Founder of Vector Human Capital Services, which provides a range of HR strategy and operational services to global and small-sized companies. In this role she helped companies like British Petroleum implement digital and organizational changes.

She also served in various senior leadership roles in several noteworthy, technologically advanced companies, including Chief Learning Officer at Atmos Energy, Global Human Resources Director of Engineering at Google, and Global Human Resources Director for Nokia.

Brid received a JD from Trinity College Dublin and a postgraduate diploma in Business Studies from University College Dublin, both of which are located in Ireland.

Outside of work, Brid enjoys spending time with her husband and four children and volunteering.

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