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Brand Guidelines

Bringing the BKV Brand to Life

More than Just Logos and Colors

Our brand is everything that shapes the perception of who we are. How we deliver our promises, how our customers experience us, how we express ourselves are all important parts of our brand story.

Our Visual Identity

These are the core elements that make our design system.


The BKV Mark

The single most identifiable element of our visual identity is our logo. Consistent use of our logo is key to retaining brand strength through immediate recognition of who we are and what we stand for as a brand. Different combinations and formats can be used depending on the context.

Scale and Area of Isolation

Area of Isolation

To ensure that the logo is clear and readable, there should be a clear space between the logo and other competing design elements.

Use the height of the “V” in “BKV” to measure the distance between the logo and other content

Minimum Size

Our logo is designed to scale to small sizes on print and screen. The horizontal version can scale down to 0.75 inch (2 centimeters) or 54 pixels. The vertical version can scale down to 0.5 inch (1.27 centimeters) or 36 pixels. There will be times when the available surface will be too small to print the logo at these sizes. Reproducing a logo on small promotional items is often challenging. In such cases, make the logo as big as space allows.


The single most identifiable element of our visual identity is our logo. Consistent use of our logo is key to retaining brand strength through immediate recognition of who we are and what we stand for as a brand. Different combinations and formats can be used depending on the context.

Do not replace the logotype with another typeface.

Do not rotate the symbol and/or the logotype to an alternate angle.

Do not change the colors of the logo.

Do not stretch, condense or distort the logo in any way.

Do not alter distance between the symbol and the logotype.

Do not add drop shadows or other effects to the logo

Do not alter the orientation of the symbol and logotype.

Do not change the colors of the logo to gray scale.


Utilizing Our Palette

Our colors set us apart from the crowd — just like everything else about us. Our unique color palette should be applied consistently across all media. Tints of the brand colors can also be used sparingly.

A Word on White

Never underestimate the impact of white space. Resisting the temptation to fill up the naked page with type, imagery or a larger logo speaks to our confidence. Open white space is an active element of the BKV brand. What’s not there draws the viewer’s attention to what is.

Primary Colors

It is important that our logo always match the selected colors when reproducing across various materials. For fine print applications, use the following PMS or CMYK values to ensure colors are reproduced accurately. For digital or on-screen purposes, use the RGB or HEX values.

BKV Green

HEX: #00B49D

RGB: 0/180/157

CMYK: 80/0/50/0

PMS 3275

BKV Blue

HEX: #094E8F

RGB: 9/78/143

CMYK: 100/77/16/3

PMS 2945

BKV Dark Teal

HEX: #01333C

RGB: 1/51/60

CMYK: 94/64/57/54

PMS 7477



RGB: 255/255/255

CMYK: 0/0/0/0

Secondary Colors

BKV Green 2

HEX: #52C1B4

RGB: 82/193/180

CMYK: 63/0/36/0

BKV Gray Blue

HEX: #3875A8

RGB: 56/117/168

CMYK: 82/1/14/0

BKV Light Gray


RGB: 173/178/183

CMYK: 15/9/8/22


HEX: #8F0562

RGB: 143/5/98

CMYK: 25/100/10/30

BKV Light Green


RGB: 219/240/238

CMYK: 13/0/6/0

BKV Green Gray

HEX: #355C63

RGB: 53/92/99

CMYK: 81/51/50/25

Tertiary Colors

Rich Purple

HEX: #472F91

RGB: 71/47/145

CMYK: 90/100/0/0

Bright Pink

HEX: #D91C5C

RGB: 217/28/92

CMYK: 10/100/50/0

Bright Blue


RGB: 0/173/238

CMYK: 100/0/0/0

Light Blue Gray

HEX: #82A7C7

RGB: 130/167/199

CMYK: 50/25/10/0


Writing in Style

Typography is an important element of communicating the brand’s personality. The chosen fonts complement the logo and are consistent with the overall look and feel of the brand. Successful implementation of the brand typography will create an information hierarchy and act as an additional method of conveying brand values.

Larken Light

Larken is our main typeface, used in all our marketing materials. A confident serif. Designed to reflect nature, it creates a sense of natural softness and expressiveness.

License Larken

Larken Regular

The concept is pushed into a usability-focused direction to work as a bold tool and beautiful communicator.

Futura PT

Futura PT is our supporting typeface, used in all MS Office applications.

License futura pt



A Visual Device that Ties it all Together.

The BKV photon burst is a distinctive feature of our design system. It can be used to highlight an image, add texture to a background or stand alone as a colorful element. It is meant to reinforce the concept of energy and molecules. Be careful not to overuse it as it can overpower the content.


Simple and Distinct

The BKV icons have been simplified to a series of dots. The idea is to conceptually boil an idea to its simplest form and represent it in a dot configuration. In areas that a concept cannot be boiled down to a simple dot grouping, please consider using a different way to represent things visually.

Connecting With Our Audience


Expressing the BKV Voice

The BKV voice is how we consistently express our message, values and personality. It encompasses the tone, style and language used in written and verbal communication across various channels. By cultivating a unique voice, we not only forge a memorable identity but also ensure our brand is readily recognized and resonates with our audience.




People and Places

Make your images tell a compelling story. Slice-of-life portraits and beautifully rendered product images are key components of our visual language.

Contact Us

Drop us a note to request a media kit, additional assets or to ask us a question.

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