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Forward-thinking, growth driven and innovative. If those words resonate and you share a passion for environmental sustainability, we’d work great together.


"What’s cool about this project is we’re making a direct impact. On a daily basis you’re touching the project that can make a big difference in driving climate solutions not only for BKV, but across the energy sector as a whole."

Cason Jordan — Technical Services Foreman

One company. Seven values. In Action.

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Be One BKV

We are one team, tuned to the same frequency, working toward a common goal. We push together, pull together, rise with the tide together, respect and support each other, and embrace our differences.

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Have grit

We eat adversity for breakfast. By lunch, we’re hungry for the impossible. We believe any goal worth bragging about is worth putting your back into, with unrelenting focus, determination and perspiration.

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Embrace change

On the evolutionary timeline, adaptability isn’t just a virtue. It’s a prerequisite for survival. We survive, and thrive, because of our innate ability to roll with the inevitable shifting sands of circumstance. As the world evolves, we stay one step ahead, resilient to complacency and advocate for a sustainable future.

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Show courage

True courage requires embracing the unknown. We empower the outliers, encouraging them to step outside their comfort zones to make the tough decisions and the right decisions. Be bold. Speak honestly. Vulnerability comes with the territory.

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Solve problems

We challenge the status quo. We pursue day-to-day innovation, so that we can deliver big change tomorrow. We apply creativity, ingenuity and discipline towards the relentless pursuit of success. Because, no matter what the size, inside every problem is a solution waiting to happen.

Value dot 6

Do good

Our actions speak louder than our words. Ultimately, doing the right thing is the only thing. We choose what is right when we are tested. We are a force for good.

Value dot 7

Deliver on promises

Lofty aspirations mean nothing without delivering on our words. We don’t make empty promises or shy away from responsibility. Instead, we take ownership of the challenges, and we capitalize on them in order to grow.

Join the team. Change the world.

BKV Corporation is headquartered in Denver, CO, with offices in Bridgeport, TX and Tunkhannock, PA. We’re always searching for talented, dedicated people to join our growing team.

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