Reports & Technical Papers
2023 Sustainability Report

With every initiative, we get one step closer to the sustainable future we’re working toward. Find out what we have in store in the 2023 Sustainability Report.

Reports & Technical Papers
The Barnett Shale 35 Years Later

Development in the north Texas Barnett Shale ignited the shale gas revolution. Find out more about BKV's connection to its origins and the techniques used to continue finding opportunities in this legendary play.

Reports & Technical Papers
2022 Sustainability Report

Learn how we're addressing sustainability issues head-on and making serious progress in our 2022 Sustainability Report.

Reports & Technical Papers
2021 Sustainability Report

As our inaugural Sustainability Report, this report represents our commitment to taking concrete and transparent actions for the future of sustainability.

Brand & Media
BKV Logos

Our logo in all its styles and file formats for whatever you may need it for. The BKV Logo is protected as a registered trademark, and we ask that you use it in accordance with our Brand Guidelines.

Royalty Owner Forms
Address Change Form

If you've just had a move and need to update your information, it takes just about ten minutes to fill out this form and send it to the attached email or address.

Royalty Owner Forms
W-9 Form

Here's the W-9 tax form that makes sure BKV can properly report and deliver any income you make from your royalties.

Royalty Owner Forms
Owner Information Form

This general information form ensures BKV can validate and update all interest owner contact information. The information provided is how we stay in touch with all of our royalty owners.

Royalty Owner Forms
Owner Relations Survey

BKV values the relationships we have with our owners, and we are committed to have open and honest communication with all stakeholder groups. If you have feedback for our team, complete our Owner Relations Survey.

Royalty Owner Forms
Direct Deposit Enrollment Form

Pretty self-explanatory, this form keeps our royalty owners from having to walk out to their mailbox.