Reaching the gold standard of environmental accountability.

In early 2022, we announced our partnership with Project Canary to address GHG emissions across the upstream and downstream energy value chain through first-of-its-kind environmental assessments and monitoring programs with the intent to deliver RSG to our natural gas power plant. This arrangement with Project Canary supports our journey to becoming a verified net-zero natural gas producer. Consisting of 64 pads and 197 wells, efforts in the Barnett Shale capitalize on opportunities to reduce potential natural gas emissions from the wellheads and downstream.

Science-backed emissions reduction data

Certification of natural gas showcases the credibility of our efforts and the accuracy of our emissions reduction programs. Certification provides science-backed credentials, through continuous emissions and data monitoring, of the integrity of our assets and environmental management practices. By monitoring and tracking this data, we are able to minimize our emissions footprint and maximize the production and sales of RSG.

Reaping rewards of sustainability performance

Our decision to deliver RSG is supported not only by enhanced sustainability performance but also by economic and financial performance. By auditing our assets through credible certification programs and establishing a best-in-class, four-tiered emissions monitoring ecosystem, we are able to capture more gas for sales rather than losing molecules through leakage.

“We are thrilled to be working with Project Canary on this important effort to become the first gas to power net-zero value chain,” said BKV CEO Chris Kalnin. “By continuing to invest in expanding our RSG and net-zero gas production capabilities, we will be able to offer reliable and affordable energy while actively participating in the energy transition.”