BKV plans to perform drilling and completion operations on three wells located in the Town of Northlake. In early September, our team began working with the Town of Northlake to prepare the locations for the upcoming operations. During this time, and always, safety is our top priority. Employees and contractors are held to a high standard and are required to comply with all safety rules and regulations. In addition, we are closely adhering to the requirements provided in the Town of Northlake Oil & Gas ordinance. We are committed to partnering with the neighbors to ensure everyone’s safety.

We will update this site with information regarding BKV's operations in the Town of Northlake.

Cole Fraizer Project Timeline

All timelines are approximate and given as a reference only. Dates can shift due to changes in operational and environmental factors.
We will continue to update this site accordingly.

Operations on this location are planned to start in Q1/Q2 2024.

Project Details

Here are specific details regarding BKV’s drilling and completion operations at the Cole Frazier pad location south of Robson Ranch Road (as seen on the map).

  • BKV’s increased activity is temporary.
  • Installation of temporary sound barriers around the wellsite will reduce the sound coming from the location. These barriers will be removed upon completion of this project.
  • All trucks will enter and depart this location from an existing BKV lease road to minimize the impact on local community traffic.
  • At the conclusion of the project, normal day-to-day operations will resume.

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