New Approach, BKV Dives into Barnet, Revives Asset

Media CoverageNovember 19, 2021

Kristen Tribe with Wise County Messenger writes that BKV took a bite out of the Barnett Shale in 2020, weathering a worldwide pandemic, rock-bottom oil and gas prices and a historic winter storm to breathe new life into an idle Devon Energy property in Bridgeport.

“It’s only been a year, but time at BKV is like dog years,” said CEO Chris Kalnin. “It’s one year but feels like seven.”

In just 12 months, BKV more than doubled its number of employees, integrated the systems of two companies, increased production and purchased a power plant.

“It’s exceeded our wildest expectations,” Kalnin said. “We’ve been off the ground and running since day one. People were so ready for a company to come in with a positive view of the play and the asset.”

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