Company Profile

BKV Corporation is a privately held natural gas exploration and production company. The agile company was formed from the innovative strategy of Thailand-based Banpu Public Company Limited, which believed that the United States gas industry offered an exciting future of opportunities. BKV Corporation seeks to invest in attractive upstream oil and gas opportunities in North America to create long-term sustainable value. With assets in the northeast Marcellus Shale (Pennsylvania) and in the Barnett Shale (North Texas), BKV is headquartered in Denver, Colorado. The company has grown rapidly from its formation in June 2015 to become the 17th top natural gas producer in the United States.

Our Impact

We are operating and growing our energy company with transparency, innovation, growth and balance as our primary drivers. Also, paramount to our core business is sustainability. We view our commitment to sustainability as both practical and providential. It strengthens our current operations and positions us well for the coming decades. It makes our company a serious consideration for investors who believe that ESG is a determinant of future value creation. As an energy company that thinks and operates forward, BKV offers a compelling alternative to other legacy E&P opportunities.


The BKV leadership team represents decades of experience and success in energy from exploration and production operations to technology, strategy and business management. Furthermore, this group has a shared perspective and outlook on the future of the energy sector and BKV's role in that future.