Operational success essentials

Health, Safety and Environmental (HSE) programs and practices are critical to our ongoing operational success and risk management. We continue to strengthen our HSE program and take accountability for our performance in this area by establishing best practices for HSE oversight.

Our HSE programs are overseen directly by our CEO and COO, who meet weekly to discuss HSE updates as well as risks and opportunities. Additionally, the Director of EHSR and ESG for both Barnett and NEPA reports to the COO and has the ability to reach out to the CEO, giving leadership direct access to immediate strategic decision-making.

Achieving more through cross-collaboration

Another core aspect of our HSE program is the Safety Committee. This cross-functional, cross-regional committee has the primary role of overseeing health and safety across the enterprise. Working collaboratively, the committee establishes health and safety goals and sets the course for BKV to execute against them. The goals are created for each asset on a regional basis and built into individual KPIs and short-term incentive plans, helping to ensure proper buy-in and investment from leadership.

Critical measures of health and safety

Tracking, monitoring and reporting health and safety statistics creates a culture of safety at BKV, allowing employees to understand exactly how we are performing on critical measures of health and safety. Metrics such as the Total Recordable Incident Rate (TRIR) provide a clear window into the safety performance of the enterprise. These metrics are reported monthly and aggregated quarterly to share with the Executive Management team. Regular updates to employees and leadership drive a culture of transparency and accountability around HSE issues and help reinforce health and safety performance as a top priority.