Achieving individual goals, together

ESG-related initiatives are tied to executive compensation within our short-term incentive program. While some ESG-related goals are for the entire executive committee, specific ESG-related goals are assigned to individual members of the executive committee. Beyond executives, our ESG goals extend company-wide to align priorities to all levels of the organization.

Specific and measurable goals for all

For 2021, our executive committee-wide goals included a Total Recordable Incident Rate (TRIR) of 0.5 (# per 100 FTEs per year), zero Tier 1 incidents, minimal reportable violations and the build-out of an industry-leading ESG program focused on sustainability and emissions reductions.

Additionally, our executive-specific goals were tailored to the role. One example included a TRIR goal of <0.5 for our COO and employee engagement-related goals for our Chief Human Resources Officer.

Pillars of ESG excellence

BKV’s 2022 short-term incentive program (STIP) is even more robust than in 2021, thanks to our emphasis on ESG excellence. Company-wide goals are separated into three pillars, one of which is dedicated to EHSR and ESG, totaling 30 percent of the total program. These goals highlight our commitment to producing net-zero natural gas and upholding ESG as a pillar of our culture.