Spreading the love.

At BKV, we channel who we are into what we do, daily.

Every company makes a point of codifying its culture. At BKV, we run with it because our culture is fundamental to our mission. We are passionately committed to the people in our company—their health and safety, their training and professional development, their Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI)—and put that commitment into practice.

Protecting the environment also applies to those who live in it.

Safety in numbers.

A culture of safety doesn’t just happen. It requires relentless tracking, monitoring and reporting. One standard metric is the Total Recorded Incident Rate (TRIR), an enterprise-wide assessment of safety performance used across the industry. BKV is proud to report that from 2019 through 2021, we had zero recordable injuries for both employees and contractors.

Giving voice. Because we have much to say.

Being open to learning from others allows us to grow exponentially as people and as a company. Which is why we aggressively promote DEI through various professional growth programs, like Women Who Work. We’re just as aggressive when it comes to listening to our employees and our communities, actively providing support through donations and volunteerism. We’re in this together.

On a roll

social achievements

100% compliance for employee and supervisor DEI training, 2022.


Over 500 hours of community service through the employee volunteer program in 2022.


Invested in local nonprofits in Denver, Barnett and NEPA.


Volunteering as vocation

“Giving back is a directive from the ground, up.”

- Megan Stiller, BKV Community Relations Manager

It didn’t take long for Megan Stiller, BKV’s new Community Relations Manager, to get a sense of the company’s passion for giving back. “It was my second day when someone asked if we were going to do a matching gift program. To me, that really showcased how engaged the employees were.”

By the end of the year, BKV had initiated its 12 Days of Giving program. This was the company's first formal dollar-for-dollar matching opportunity for charitable giving, in addition to its numerous other giving initiatives. From literacy programs to Boys & Girls Clubs across Pennsylvania, Texas and Colorado, contributions were measured not only in dollars, but in time volunteered.

As a natural gas company committed to reducing carbon emissions, BKV has built a business model around the idea of doing good in their community and environment. Volunteerism not only complements the culture. It’s second nature.

In Northeast Pennsylvania, the local BKV team hosts a monthly buffet-style soup kitchen with Seven Loaves, a non-profit that partners with different groups to address hunger in the Tunkhannock community. “We average about a hundred people a night, so we heavily depend on our volunteer partners,” said Donna Shaffer, Mission Coordinator at Seven Loaves. “In addition to preparing and serving meals, they help with organizing food drives, restocking pantries, even making deliveries. They are wonderful.”

Demonstrating its commitment to education, BKV collaborates with the Denver Public Schools Education Foundation, providing books and financial support. In 2022, the CEO and other executives volunteered their time to read to children.

BKV also supports the Tarrant Area Food Bank, which combats hunger in North Texas. Every week, volunteers from numerous organizations inspect, repack and distribute a million meals to families in a 13-county area. Stephen Raeside, Chief External Affairs Officer for the food bank, notes the social aspect of the work. “Hungry children can’t learn. That affects the community. As community leaders, we have an obligation to help.”

All of which gets back to something fundamental. While BKV’s volunteerism aligns with its values-driven culture—solving problems, doing good—it’s the realization that there’s no line between a company and the community in which it operates. These programs are not just another side of the company but an integral part of its identity.