What's present is past.

At BKV, we work, think and live on tomorrow’s terms. Because that’s the world we can change—and a future we are changing. We’re on a fast track to net zero carbon emissions, making history a day ahead of schedule.

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Strength in numbers


That’s what we invested last year in innovations to directly reduce our Scope 1 and 2 emissions.


That’s the average annual power generation of Temple I, our joint venture with BPP, recognized as one of the most efficient, environmentally sustainable suppliers to ERCOT.


That’s how many tons of CO2e we reduced in 2022 from our 2021 baseline through technology and operational optimization.


That’s how many wells we have converted to pneumatics in our Barnett and NEPA operations.


That’s how many natural gas wells we currently operate in the Texas Barnett and Pennsylvania Northeast Marcellus shale plays.


That’s what BKV has invested in local nonprofits in Colorado, Texas and Northeast Pennsylvania in 2022.

Annual emission reductions

inclusive of upstream and midstream emissions

* Figures for 2023 and 2024 are projections only, and are based on current progress and any projects that are currently planned for these years.

Explore the power of sustainable progress.


Mission: emissions.

While carbon isn’t the only environmental elephant in the room, it’s a big one. BKV is addressing the issue head-on. Not only with big goals but even bigger ideas for achieving them—and making serious progress.

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Doing good feels good.

At BKV, volunteerism permeates the culture. We are a part of—not apart from—the local communities in which we operate. It’s only natural that our employees are passionate about pulling together for the good of our extended families.

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Passion meets methodology.

We’ve set our sights on some ambitious goals. Achieving them requires process, discipline and benchmarks. This has been our approach since day one, which could explain how we’ve accomplished so much already.

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Full 2022 Sustainability Report

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2022 TCFD Report