Top 7 posts of 2017

by Jamie Wigington, 17 Jan 2018

Our name may be new, but our expertise is anything but. We have decades of experience in all things digital and to prove it, we’ve compiled our top performing blog posts from 2017. Take a stroll through the past year and reminisce about the emerging trends and new technological advances that 2017 had to offer.

Brand Safety: How Programmatic Partners Protect Our Clients’ Brands

At DRUM we believe brand safety to be of the utmost importance both to us as an agency and to our clients. With the recent buzz around ad serving alongside controversial and derogatory content in the programmatic space, we compiled some of the responses we received from our top partners about how they are or will be addressing this issue. Read entire article.

3 Commandments for Creating Incredibly Engaging Content

Creating engaging content means rewiring your thinking to reflect what your audience is looking for, not what you want to tell them. Follow these three commandments and your content is sure to bring traffic in. Read entire article.

5 Benefits of Paid Social Advertising

From B2B to nonprofits, social advertising has proven to be extremely cost effective while gaining substantial leads to grow your business. With billions of users engaging with these platforms every day, you’d be missing a huge opportunity if you skipped out on paid social advertising. So, what are you waiting for? Read entire article.

What Advertisers Need to Know About Apple's Intelligent Tracking Prevention

In Q4 2017, iOS 11 changed the concept of a first-party cookie. Intelligent Tracking Prevention (ITP) put restrictions on whether advertisers can continue to read or update first-party cookies when the user is not directly on the business’s site. We explained what that means for marketers and how they can manage the change. Read entire article.

How to Use Content Marketing to Finally Unify Marketing Strategies

Content is the common thread that crosses all channels. Most marketers today are doing some form of content marketing. But the majority do not have a documented strategy. Content marketing should help you learn the relationship between channels, how performance in one affects the others, as well as the overall bottom line. We explain how to create a content strategy, document it, outline a unified media plan and begin building unified reporting. Read entire article.

7 Ways B2B Marketers Can Find Success in Social Media

A beginner's guide to start using organic social media that leads to paid social ROI – learn from our B2B social media strategy, experience and results. Read entire article.

Conversation, Not Content, is King

“Content isn’t king. Conversation is king. Content is just something to talk about.” Our Chief Creative Officer explains how conversation can benefit brands; especially on social media. Read entire article. Find something here you like? Be sure to sign up for our newsletter as well as follow us on social for another year of thought leadership and emerging trends!